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As well as being performance and tuning experts JBS also offers general services for all VW/Audi Group vehicles, ranging from a quick oil and filter change to a complete major service, all carried out with the care and precision your car deserves.
All prices listed are inclusive of VAT.
Petrol - Up to and including 1.5L
Minor Service: £130
Intermediate Service: £190
Major Service: £325
Millers 5W40NT+: £35
Petrol - Between 1.6L and 2.0L
Minor Service: £140
Intermediate Service: £215
Major Service: £350
Millers 5W40NT+: £45
Petrol - 2.5L
Minor Service: £165
Intermediate Service: £225
Major Service: £415
Millers 5W40NT+: £55
Petrol - 4.0L TFSi
Minor Service: £190
Intermediate Service: £280
Major Service: £675
Millers 5W40NT+: £70
Petrol - 4.2L FSi (RS4)
Minor Service: £200
Intermediate Service: £260
Major Service: £500
Millers 5W40NT+: £75
Diesel - Up to and including 2.0L
Minor Service: £135
Intermediate Service: £225
Major Service: £325
Millers 5W40NT+: £40
Diesel - Over 2.5L
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What Service Do I Need?
The service period is generally dictated by age and mileage, so 10k miles/1 year = Minor Service, 20k miles/2 years = Intermediate Service, 30k miles/3 years = Minor Service, 40k miles/4 years = Full Service, and so on.

To make sure which one is due and also that nothing is missed, it is always advised to check your service history book or if the car has online servicing we can check that with the vehicle registration number.
The JBS Way
We very much believe in the traditional style of servicing when you could be confident that your vehicle was getting exactly what it needed, and as such offer minor (10k), intermediate (20k) and major (40k) servicing options.

We use only genuine VAG parts/fluids and all options come with an exstensive vehicle inspection as well as a free diagnostics scan.

At JBS all our technicians are fully trained and have been working in the VAG industry for a combined 30 years.
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