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We believe very much in the old style of servicing when you could be confident that your vehicle was getting exactly what it needed, and as such offer minor (10k), intermediate (20k) and major (40k) servicing options.
Your service book will always be stamped and uploaded to the online database.
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Haldex & Differential
Haldex & Differential
We advise a Haldex Oil change every 20K miles which takes approximately 30 minutes to carry out, and a Haldex Oil and filter change(where applicable) every 40K miles, which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
Our Haldex service is more comprehensive than even VW’s.
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Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment
Does your vehicle's handling feel a little vague, does your Car wander all over the road, or does it pull in one direction? Is your tyre life shorter than expected, or is the tyre wear un-even?
The chances are your wheel alignment is out and we can swiftly resolve it.
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Brake Fluid Change
Brake Fluid Change
It is recommended for a brake fluid to take place the 3rd year after the vehicles manufacture and then every 2 years after that, ensuring that the system remains at the correct specification.
For the fast road / track user we also offer a brake fluid change with DOT5.1
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Timing Belt & Water Pump
Timing Belt & Water Pump
Recommended by VW every 4 years for cars registered before September 2009, and 5 years thereafter (engine dependant), it is one not to be missed
JBS includes a complete cambelt kit, with tensioners and rollers, and a new replacement water pump, along with fresh coolant.
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Gearbox Oil & DSG
Gearbox Oil & DSG
Old and dirty oil can impact the operation of your gearbox and can cause real damage if left unchanged, it is for this reason that VW/Audi recommend it to be changed on DSG gearboxes every 4 years or 40k miles.
We can check the gearbox for leaks, drain it and replace the oil filter.
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