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We advise a Haldex Oil change every 20K miles which takes approximately 30 minutes to carry out, and a Haldex Oil and filter change(where applicable) every 40K miles, which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
All prices listed are inclusive of VAT.
Gen 1 Haldex (Mk4 Golf R32, Mk1 S3)
Haldex Oil and Filter Change: £135
Gen 2 Haldex (Mk5 Golf R32, Earl Mk2 S3)
Haldex Oil and Filter Change: £150
Gen 4 Haldex (Mk6 Golf R, Late Mk2 S3)
Haldex Oil and Filter Change: £145
Gen 5 Haldex (Mk7 Golf R, Mk3 S3, RS3 8V/TTRS)
Haldex Oil and Gauze Clean: £100
Front Differential Service (MQB FWD)
Haldex Oil and Gauze Clean: £100
The JBS Way
The Haldex system is the key part in the VW/Audi Group Quattro/AWD system, and is even utilised in some higher performanced FWD vehicles. It is in a sense a differential that uses a wet clutch system to engage drive to the wheels, as a wet clutch system oil and specifically the cleanliness of the oil is critical in the correct function of this component.

Like all of our services we use only Genuine VAG parts and oil, and in the case of the later GEN 5 Haldex/Diff found on the Mk7 VW Golf R and Seat Leon Cupra FWD, we even remove the pump in order to clean the gauze. Ensuring that the system remains clog free and clean, something that even VW don't do, as we go that extra step to give a world class service and take utmost care of your vehicle.
Please call us on 01246 455005 to book in your vehicle.
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